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Online Mahjong System

Online Mahjong Quick User Registration (Free or Real Play)

Online Mahjong User Register
①Quick RegisterStart by clicking the "Click to Play!" button shown above.
②Enter DetailsEnter your user registration details. A valid email address is required, but you can change the other details later if desired. Valid user details are required before you can deposit and withdraw for real play.
③Free PlayTry the Japanese mahjong game in free play mode. There is no expiration or limit on free play. You can also watch other players play free and real games in progress

Real Play Mahjong Deposit & Withdraw Cashier

Online Mahjong Account
①My AccountStart by clicking the "My Account" link shown above.
Real Play Deposit
②DepositFrom "My Account" page, click on "Deposit" link shown in graphic. You can deposit using major credit cards. Select the desired deposit amount in JPY (Japanese YEN). Your credit card will be billed the equivalent EURO amount and your game balance will reflect Japanese YEN.
③WithdrawClick the "Withdraw" link shown in graphic. You can withdraw to your bank account by entering your banking details. Please allow 3~10 business days for bank wire processing. (Minimum withdrawal amount and bank processing fees apply)

Select Rate to Start Online Mahjong Game

Mahjong Game Rate
①Select RateSelect Rate to start online mahjong game. Select "¥0" to start a free play game. Select "¥10" or above to join real play games.
②PLAYAfter selecting your desired rate, click the "PLAY" button to start a live, multiplayer game.
③Minimum BuyinGames start with a balance of 20,000 points, but 70,000 points are required to enter a game. This is required to cover a negative balance when a player busts. Any unused points will return to your account automatically.

Mahjong Game Points Distribution System

Mahjong Game Points
①Game Points1 point is distributed for every 1000 points won above 20,000. For example, if you finish with 30,000 points, you will be awarded +10 points.
②Place Bonus1st place = +10 points, 2nd place = +5 points, 3rd place = -5 points, 4th place = -10 points. Place bonus is awarded in addition to game points.
③Total MoneyTotal Real Money will be calculated RATE x Points Total. For example as shown above, RATE ¥100 x +20 Points Total = ¥2,000.
④RakeRake table fee is 20% and charged only from winning players. Final balance is the amount credited to your user account.
Real Play Deposit
⑤LossIf your Points Total is negative (Points + Place Bonus) you will be shown a loss. Negative Point balances of more than -20 will be deducted from your initial buyin (70,000 points). Losing players are not charged a Rake table fee.

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