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Japanese mahjong Rules

Japanese Mahjong Rules

Game1 Hand1 RoundFull Round
Start Points20,00020,00025,000
Hidden Dora
Quad Dora
Dealer continue only on win
(no continue for Ready)
300 points
Abortive Draw
Placing Bonus
1st +10,000 2nd +5,000
3rd -5,000 4th -10,000
Ready without H in draw
Bust Out
Double Ron
Triple Ron
Calculation under zero

Dealer Quit

after last Win

Dealer Quit last Draw
B for Double-wind
POW rule
for Big Dragons, Big Winds, and 4 Quads
Counted Limit Hand
Multiple Limit Hand
Rounding Up 30B 4H
Human Win
8000 points
Time Limit
15 seconds

Japanese Mahjong Option Rules

 Rule 1Rule 2Rule 3
Chow Switch×----
Red 5s 1 of each ----
Winner bonus ×----
Yakitori ×----
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