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Joyjan online mahjong is open for free public beta.

Japanese mahjong games can be played in live - multiplayer mode,
or you can practice riichi mahjong against computer opponents.

JOYJAN, online Japanese mahjong game, is the premier riichi mahjong game available to play for unlimited fun or real cash. Reach mahjong is the most popular rule set played in Japan, and now you can play online mahjong in English against live players worldwide.

If you are just starting to learn reach mahjong, you can practice in the "vs Computer" mode against computer opponents (fun mode only). You can learn the different hands and familiarize yourself with the software and system. JOYJAN assists beginner players to easily recognize tiles using a numeric display, so you can start playing while learning the various tiles.

The muliplayer mode can be played just for fun (unlimited) or for real cash. Once you select your desired rate, you will automatically be entered into the random match against random, live opponents. Test your skill against opponents from all over the world!

JOYJAN offers excellent tools to help you polish your skills and become a better player. From the lobby area, you can select to watch other live matches. You can also playback your own matches as well playback all other recorded matches. Use these tools to study optimum tile discards and defence strategy unique to this rules set.